’There is no road to geometry.’ Although the saying is mainly used to refer to mathematics, it can also be applied to language learning, which is no mean feat, either. Just because it was ’easy’ to learn your mother tongue, you should not think that mastering a foreign language will not require a lot of time and effort. Shetland UK Language School and its excellent teachers can help you progress along this challenging road by providing you with effective learning tools, tried-and-tested methods and flexible schedules.

Languages taught: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and Hungarian as a foreign language.

Lessons are held at 8 levels of acquisition Monday to Saturday. Morning classes usually start at 9.00 am, afternoon lessons begin at 5.00 pm and 6.30 pm. We offer 2×2 or 1×4 lessons per week.

Based on a regular school year (September to May), Shetland courses are divided into three terms. A typical adult course consists of 60 lessons and lasts 15 weeks, thus totalling 120 lessons in a year.

You can join a group anytime by completing a placement test.

PRICES depend on level and group size; see Hungarian site.

Shetland offers accredited programmes in English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French, which means that courses in these languages are VAT-free. All other courses are subject to 27% VAT.

Locations of general courses:

  • Kispest
  • Zugló

For Shetland’s course finder click here.

Special courses:

  • business language
  • oral communication
  • language courses for children
  • one-to-one tuition
  • summer courses