Shetland UK Language School serves as an accredited exam location to the Euroexam – winner of the European Language Label –; a language exam that surpasses today’s educational and professional requirements. This means that you can prepare for, as well as take, your exam at Shetland. Of course, you can still take the exam at our school if you do your preparation elsewhere. If you would like to get extra credits to be admitted to college, or you need a language certificate to receive your degree, or get a language allowance from your employer, the Euro Exam is an excellent choice. The exam is fully recognized by the state and is structured according to the guidelines of the Hungarian accreditation system, e.g. it has a bilingual module which is missing from most international language exams. The exam can be taken in English and German at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. For more information about exam dates, application deadlines and prices, visit


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