(András Szuromi)

Recently, I took part in an English course in Edinburgh arranged by Shetland Language School. It was a memorable fortnight.
Edinburgh is a marvellous place with lots of famous sights. My favourite was the medieval castle in the middle of the city. This trip was a unique experience and a great opportunity to practise the language because I met students from many different countries: Italians, Poles, Russians, Germans, even Japanese and Saudi learners. Talking to them I gained a little insight into their cultures as well.
I really enjoyed the lessons, especially because instead of grammatical rules, the teachers concentrated on teaching independent writing and speech. In many tasks we had to express our opinions about various topics or convince one another about our viewpoints. It was very interesting to learn in a multi-cultural group of 12. The school was well-equipped and maintained with a huge lawn-covered garden, where we had cultural or sporting events in the afternoon. We were offered a host of extra-curricular programmes (e.g. museums, football, tennis or a walk to one of the lookout places of Edinburgh) and Friday was off. At the weekend we had the opportunity to choose from three all-day trips to join.

You don’t need to worry about the ”terrible” Scottish accent; you can get used to it. I found Scottish people nice and helpful, they gladly gave me directions in the city. (Buses are very good, though a bit slow because of the many stops and busy traffic.) I had good conversations with my host family about Scotland and Hungary.
I truly enjoyed my stay in Edinburgh and I can only recommend it to every learner of English.


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