Shetland UK Language School was established in 1992. Dr Katalin Udvardi, the head of the school, was a professor at ELTE University and she started teaching groups on her own as a sideline. However, with the number of students increasing year by year, in 1994 she decided to extend the language school. She hired teachers who could live up to the expected standard.

Most of the teachers of English first employed had been taught by Dr Udvardi herself at the university, which created a uniformity in basic teaching principles. Also, modern speech-oriented language teaching methodology required the hiring of native speakers.

As the school expanded, so did the range of activities it undertook.

Shetland has been organising study tours abroad since 1994 providing comprehensive services to learners who would like to improve their language skills in a native environment.

Shetland joined the Professional Association of Language Schools (NYESZE) in 1994 and was awarded the title ”Qualified and Recommended Language School” in 2006.

In the autumn of 2003, our language school was registered by the Adult Education Accreditation Board (FAT) as an accredited institution of adult education.

Since 2003, Shetland has been an exam venue for the state recognised and internationally acclaimed EUROEXAM English and German language examination system.

Today, Shetland UK Language School offers accredited English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish language courses. In addition to the above languages, we teach Russian, Hungarian as a foreign language, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Dutch, and Portuguese.


Adult Education Reg. No.: 01-0086-04
Hungarian Trade Licensing Office Reg. No.: U-000653

Office hours:
08:00 – 20:00, Monday to Friday

Cash desk: 08:00 – 19:00, Monday to Friday
08:00 -13:00, Saturday (reduced service level)

NMH Reg. No.: E000309/2014

English – E000309/2014/C001
Spanish – E000309/2014/C004
French – E000309/2014/C005
German – E000309/2014/C002
Italian – E000309/2014/C003

Institutional Accreditation Reg. No.: AL:0589

English – PL6729/001
Spanish – PL7559/001
French – PL7560/001
German – PL5430/035
Italian – PL5744/006